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OpenCL runtime issues with R9 380

Question asked by mike* on Oct 15, 2015

I`m an alpha tester for GPU processing related apps on Lunatics (Seti).

My old HD 7970 had no issues running multiple instances of the apps at the same time.

Cat 15.7 was in use.


Now with the new R9 380 the GPU produces calculation errors running more than one app instance.

I guess the Tonga chip i snot yet fully supported by the drivers because it reports the wrong amount of memory as well as wrong number of compute units.

This issue happens on all new GPU models starting with Hawaiii.

The 200 series can still downgrade to older app versions as it seems Cat 14.4 doesn`t have this issue.

Thats not possible with the 380 since it requires Cat 15.7.


I`m not sure it is SDK 3 related or not.


Is it possible to get older app versions functioning with new drivers on new chips ?