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8750m switchable under win10

Question asked by ainweya on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by amdmatt

I own a SAMSUNG NP370R5E, with dual Intel HD 3000 + AMD 8750m.


On windows 7 I had no problem in running BOTH my cards AND my Catalyst Control Center while keeping drivers and CCC up to date.

On windows 10 I struggled to death trying to make them work, which ended in installing the latest Catalyst available on the SAMSUNG site:, while I have no issue in having the Intel one's updated to the latest version.
At present time I have to block windows from updating my AMD card drivers, else both my AMD and my Intel won't be recognized by the system anymore (yellow triangle).

Also, while the AMD card do seems to work with the Catalyst version , Catalyst Control Center doesn't. Right click on the desktop and clicking on "Catalyst Control Center" gives an error stating that no preferences are available in the Center, thus preventing any use for the panel, expecially in selecting the performance settings for each application, I also have the "configure switchable graphic cards" but it just gives the same error as the Center. Last but not least, "Catalyst Control Center: Host application stopped working" occurs on every system startup.