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AMD 7600 HD driver breaks windows, hp g6 laptop, win8.1,

Question asked by faires on Oct 15, 2015

No matter how i want to install the drivers for the amd card it always restarts my laptop during the instalation (catalyst instalation or during the windows update for the amd card).


Mostly after it i have to reinstall the whole windows 8.1 system because i get BSOD and cant boot the operating system, i tried the old version but they cant detect the amd card, in the windows safe mode the amd card is sometimes detected, when i tried to intall linux os like ubuntu, mint or fedora i got some weird errors and the instalation frezzed..


the whole problem apeared first time 3 months ago when i delated everything and reinstalled the win8.1, in the past i have never used the amd card, for gaming i have probably never used the switchable options, i think i have only used the intel hd 4000 card, moreover the wi-fi function doesnt work but i dont think that i have something common with this problem, i have tried almost everything,


hope you can help me a little bit,