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Eyefinity option to change to fit mode not available

Question asked by ugha on Oct 15, 2015

I recently purchased two cheap additional monitors in order to test out eyefinity.


I did research on the 'net and it seems that with "Fit" mode my mixed setup would function perfectly.


The problem is, I set everything up fine and I can enable Eyefinity with no problems, but I can't change

the mixed setup from "Fill" mode to Fit or Expand. There is no option to change modes during setup,

nor is there a "Resize Desktop" option that most people on the 'net mention using.


I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.


My setup:

2 1280x1024 displays (one connected via VGA, the other via a Displayport->VGA adapter)

1 1680x1050 display

AMD Radeon HD 5670

Catalyst 15.7.1

Windows 10