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r9 295x2 performance in windows 10 all drivers . Skyrim and other games

Question asked by iainob1 on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by t77chevy

My system is


i7 6700k

16gb corsair vengeance lpx 2133mhz

Maximus Viii Ranger

r9 295x2


Since running Windows 10 I am finding that all of the drivers I have tried from AMD including the beta all show poor performance in Skyrim compared to windows 8 and 8.1


The game hitches and stutters in places and it seems to go along with when objects and scenery loads in as well as random hitches. This never happened in previous Windows.


The game has a built in v-sync function and when you have it set on the game has fps drops down to around 55fps for me from 60fps and stutters and hitches every so often. Some stutters are longer that others and it is horrid to play.

This happens both turning crossfire off and on.


If you then turn off the v-sync mode and run the game uncapped, which breaks the game physics, the game fps does not drop to any where near 55fps and stays up high near 100fps even using VSR modes.


There seems to be some sort of problem with this game and either a combination of Windows 10 and AMD drivers or just the drivers on there own. Could there be a problem with directx 9 games in windows 10 with AMD cards?


Running the game without crossfire, I find the game runs very poorly using only one card with dips below 60fps. This never happened on my older gtx 680ftw 4gb which could run it solid as one card and also didn't happen on previous windows with amd. With crossfire off the r9 295 x2 should be more than capable of running skyrim at ultra with just one card but it just is not now in Windows 10.


I have tried many times re installing drivers and making sure windows 10 is running smoothly which it is. I have re installed visual ++ drivers many times doing them in order.



This is a not using any mods and a fresh Skyrim install.


All my motherboard drivers are up to date, as well as the chipset drivers. Windows is fully up to date and is a clean install of windows not just an upgrade. Directx earlier drivers installed, visual ++ up to date.


I have tried the game both on an SSD and regular driver both are the same. Skyrim is just a totally different game in windows 10 than in previous


Also the new target frame rate function never works correctly in any game for me. In skyrim it does not work at all and in other games it does not sync to the same frame rate I have set. If I set to 60 it caps at 58fps.


I do find that in many games the newer drivers since windows 10 came out, all show stutters, either minor or major which the drivers never did on windows 8 and 8.1.


The beta driver previous to the latest, crashed every time when trying to un install it from the windows add remove programs. I always install and uninstall AMD drivers properly using the recommended method. Those drivers also crashed many games and were the first drivers to ever do that for me.


The windows 10 drivers still need some work to get them smooth for the r9 295x2 as it is not performing the same as in windows 8 or 8.1.