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Question asked by h42v3y on Oct 15, 2015
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windows 10 insider preview build 10547

latest beta drivers  ccc 15.10

amd fury x (non overclocked)

asus m5alt-usb3 (motherboard)

amd phenom 2 x4 955 black edition

2 sh!tty 250gb hard drives

powerflow bronze fx 550w psu (yea they say 600w minimum but how can they state that unless they know everybodys spec..?????)

15gb ram (8gb furyx 2133mhz / 4gb 1600mhz generic ram / 1&2gb 1333mhz crap ram)


btw everything was in caps before because i was angry,  so when you read this, try to put yourself in an angry state and feel my tension i had yesterday. i had to change this due to my language/words i used before as mods here have asked nicely



ok  everytime i try to max out the graphics the game crashes, now the whole reason i downloaded the gayme was to see what my gpu is made off, and now im addicted to the game. now listen up yeah, everythin is up to date ok,,direkt x,, an that is dx12 anyways so dont try tel me that but yeh i updated it anyway.. all them visual studio updates done balh blah..


now look the game takes 10mins to load up yeah so its annoying having to go through everysetting. i did turn off antiailising and aa post e.c.t  still got a crash


people been saying to revert to old drivers


but will ccc 13.2 even work with a fury x cus the fury came out a few months ago and that version if from a year or two before the card came out..


people are saying to just install the old version an copy the aa file,, install new version and copy paste ontop


listen up yeah, i didnt pay 1.3k to build this pc to then use old drivers and have to fix stuff myself. no offence amd yeh u done a good job with the gpu but u gotta realise battlefield 4 is in a set of games every1 who has this card is going to play with this card


all benchmarks on youtube.. use battlefield 4  and on your website you pride yourself with the game being amd optimised


everywhere online people with the same peoblem are having to do workarounds.. this shouldnt be an issue

you should have this old file included in your latest driver packages and have an option somewhere in ccc to switch to it.


this is why nvidia fanboys claim nvndia gives better drivers


now i dont wanna hear my psu isnt powerfull enough blah blah and my cpu is too slow cus it runs the game fine when i was somehow abel to have everything turned on for 30mins,, it was hitting 75%


i have an i7 5820k anyway and am waiting for my ram  and watercooling unit and new case due to the big sexy waterblock on the furyx


also my fury x makes loads of water dripping noises ** edited **  <-- edited by amd matt  :))))))))


now im getting red screen crashes too


and allot of windows crashes  could be related, probably unrelated