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atikmdag.sys Stop error when using Oculus  Rift

Question asked by mike3620 on Oct 15, 2015

I did all windows updates. I updated my AMD 6990 HD drivers as well.


Here is what I'm getting.



Bug Check Code: 0x0000003b


Parameter 1: 00000000`c0000005

Parameter 2: fffff880`058e9a3b

Parameter 3: fffff880`0beb2c00

Parameter 4: 00000000`00000000


Caused by Driver: atikmpag.sys

Caused by Address: atikmpag.sys+da3b


Processor: x64

Crash Address: ntoskrnl.exe+74200


Processor Count: 24

Major Version: 15

Minor Version: 7601


Here is a HTML file of all STOP errors I've been getting.


I also asked the people at Oculus for support.


Here are some files that they asked for.


If you need anything else to fix this let me know.


I am using Windows 7 Professionial and thinking of upgrading to Windows 10.


I really want to be able to use the rift; it worked in the past but now it generates error after error.


Thanks for your help.


How would I go about fixing this error. I'm assuming that it is a driver error with my catalyst driver.