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Win10 + 2460 + 3monitors + passiveDVI... WORKING FOR ANYONE????

Question asked by dhead on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by fsadough

I have FirePro2460 with 3 Dell 2007FP (1600x1200) DVI monitors, using 3 passive DP to DVI adapters.


This worked fine under Windows 7.


Under Windows 10, it does not work at all:


1) Boot with ONE monitor plugged in:  all is good.

2) As above, but plug in 2nd monitor AFTER boot: all is good.

3) Boot with TWO monitors plugged in:  two monitors powered on, but always blank.  Machine boots fine (I can rdp into it), but screens are always blank.

4) 3rd monitor:  NEVER works at all - stuck in powersave mode, despite being recognized in DeviceManager.


Tried latest drivers (Aug3/2015) - no go.


I have TWO machines with the same config, and BOTH suffer the same symptoms.


Does ANYONE have 3 or 4 monitors working under Windows 10  with a 2460 ???