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What metal is the lid of the FX-9590 made of?

Question asked by hotelcharlihill on Oct 14, 2015
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Hey everyone. The FX-9590 runs really hot under intense loads and I haven't been able to cool it with the rinky-dink "AiO" liquid cooler CoolerMaster pawned off on me. So I'm stepping it up to an EK-XLC Predator 240. Not only that but I'm going to use CoolLaboratory Liquid Ultra as my thermal conductor between the chip and the copper waterblock.


The question is "What type of metal is the lid of the FX-9590 made of?"


Apparently this Liquid Ultra is highly reactive to aluminum and eats it. Obviously not good if the surface of the back of the chip has even a little aluminum in it. I've searched all over the net... I figure it's probably nickle or something, but I wanted to be sure because all my stuff is in the mail and if I can't use the Liquid Ultra, I'll need to find an alternative. Probably Gelid or something. Thanks everyone