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    Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide screen tearing in Mantle




      I'm getting huge issues trying to run the newest Civilization: Beyond Earth Add-on called Rising Tide with Mantle. I get some severe screen tearing, which even starts when all the AMD and Firaxis logos appear. I have not had this problem with the base game.


      My stats:


      • Intel Core i7-5775C
      • ASRock Z97 Extreme9
      • 2 x 8 GB DDR3-RAM @2400 MHz
      • 2 x R9 290X Crossfire
      • LG 27MU67 Freesync UHD Monitor
      • Intel SSD 750


      I'm using the newest drivers for everything. The Direct X11 Version works flawlessly, but seriously it feels like a huge let down, because this game was one of the reasons I switched to AMD.