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Radeon R7 M260 Bad Performance

Question asked by alecbb on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by goodplay

Recently bought an hp laptop with amd radeon r7 m260 graphics card and quad core cpu, 8gb of ram


On games i have been getting extremely poor performance. I struggle to run an 11 year old pc game on minimum settings. Its safe to assume something is not right because i have seen benchmarks of the same system and they can run more recent games.

outside of games performance is poor. i get frequent freezes and slow switching between tasks. for example changing tabs on ms edge takes a few seconds to register.

im very unhappy with my laptops performance and have tried many solutions to fix it, none of them have worked.


(solutions i have tried are:

update gpu soundcard, drivers using catalyst and direct from the hp website

update bios settings (from hd website)

i also have the system set to max performance at all times in the catalyst settings


If someone could offer a solution i would be very grateful


additional information:

im running windows 10 and its a clean install

its a new laptop so i doubt there is an issue regarding cleaning