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    Blue Monster



      Bare bones kit of whats left of it also my first build sorry for all the power cord mess

      outside of case.JPG




      CPUAMD FX-8370
      MotherboardASUS Sabertooth 990FX AMD AM3+
      MemoryPatriot Viper 3 16GB
      GraphicsMSI Cyclone OC Radeon HD 1GB GDDR5 Power Ed
      Disc Drive 1Seagate 1TB Serial ATA HD
      Disc Drive 2
      Disc Drive 3
      PSUCorsair GS 600
      CaseThermaltake Overseer RX-I Ful
      MonitorAcer G235hAbd 23
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          Nice rig! Pretty good cable management actually, considering the PSU placement and that its your first build

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            ''Cooler: Fan''

            - XD


            ''Graphics: MSI OC Radeon HD 1GB''

            - Which Radeon HD?


            Nice case and stuff but the CPU and the graphics card is confusing me a little bit combined with this motherboard.

            As far as I know the sabertooth is pretty awesome for OC so for hardcore gaming like the FX-9590 without a problem.

            Did you OC your CPU and which graphics card do you have? 1 GB GDDR5 is a lil' bit scaring since you got a insane good mother board but want to lower the price on the graphics card which is the heart of each gaming rig? What is your PC used for?

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                opps thanks for posting the mistake must have not clicked on save when i edited i'm using it for all around but I want it mainly to be sturdy and on the equipment ( basically throw it at the wall 100 times and it wont make a dent ) mainly the motherboard, CPU, & graphics card was all part of the barebones kit. It also came with Kingston HyperX 2x2 DDR3 sticks but i switched those. The funniest thing out of all this i forgot to buy the PSU after traveling 2 hours away from the store so i just stop by my local bestbuy.