broken or useless hardware to fix and learn how build computers

Discussion created by daniellukeholroyd on Oct 14, 2015

hello i am new to computer gaming because i used to play consoles and i am keen to learn more about computers by hands on at the moment i am not allowed to work or learn until i am mentally and physically better to go back to college and i am sick of being told im not going to amount to anything in life by most people i meet and i want to make something of my life and help out in ways i cant without support from others and i would like to start my own computer business and because im only 16 i have not got a chance on doing that until im allowed to work or go to college i would love to work but my illnesses are holding me back and i dont want that no more i want to achieve things in life that people think isnt possible of me so please may you send me some things to help me to get back on track in my life as im stuck on what else i can do with my life if you can could you please send me some hardware to try and fix that are broken in a way that you arent allowed to sell them and i will try learn from what you give me i use thankyou for your consideratoin