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Frame rates issues.

Question asked by adrenalinejunkie on Oct 14, 2015



So recently i've decided to do a little gaming on my HP Elitebook 8560w with an AMD Firepro M5950 GPU and i noticed that my frame rates were low while playing Project cars so i installed

Razer Cortex and with no luck as my frame rates were still low. But for some reason i always kept my power my on "Razer Cortex Power Plan" so today while gaming, the lights

went out and i noticed that while playing on LOW settings my frame rates increased to 60fps while on battery. So i cranked up the settings all the way to 1920x1080p and medium

settings and my fps count was at an average of 35, Max 50 and lowest 34 using RivaTunner. My question is, is there anyway i could keep playing at these solid settings on AC

instead of battery mode? I also noticed that with MSI afterburner my core clock speeds would only be at 400Mhz Plugged into AC but on battery it reaches 725Mhz.


System specs

8gb RAM

Intel Core i5 2540m 2.60Ghz-3.30Ghz

Amd firepro M5950 1gb GDDR5, with latest drivers according to HP performance advisor (14.301.1003.1007)


Windows 7 64bit enterprise