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    OBS AMD Drivers Crashing


      @HELP L4d Earnhardt jclarktest222 kwong@fusetalk.com klee

      I can Play BO2 Very Well When NOT RECORDING ( set bo2 in window fullscreen)

      when i do start to record after 12 minutes it will Say Drivers crashed but have recovered causing the game to freeze which will mess the recording causing me not to record for 2 Weeks on my YT channel (lost 12 Subs) I have a 390x HAVNT PLAYED ANY GAME BUT BO2 FOR NOW I CANT AFFORD ANYTHING THIS CARD IS BAE WITHOUT RECORDING XD

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          Hi Dilpreet Dosanjh,


          What AMD Drivers are you using?


          How long have you had this issue?


          Has this ever worked correctly? If so, what has changed?


          Can you use alternative software? What about the AMD Gaming Evolved APP? This works well with our drivers and you can record 1080P HD gameplay with a small performance hit. Additionally, you can stream your gameplay too.


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              I wont be able to i can try to use another application becuase of all the programs and overalys i have made for OBS i am using the latest drivers i update using the live tool from msi i think. i ve had it since i built my first pc in august. Downloaded OBS In septemeber(the drivers only crash if im using obs not if im just gaming.amdmatt i appreciate you helping me im only 13 and i think i know so much