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Radeon R5M330 Not installing on Toshiba L50D-C

Question asked by tasmaniangamer on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by tasmaniangamer

Hey guys and gals, I recently purchased a Toshiba L50D-C Laptop for work and some leisurely lunchtime online sessions, here are the important specs;


Processor : AMD A6-7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics (4C 2.4GHz, 2GHz IMC, 2MB L2)
GPU : AMD Radeon R5 M330 (320SP 5C 800MHz, 2GB)
HDD : 1TB Hybrid
OS : Windows 8.1 Home




Ok, so my main problem with the laptop is that it will not run the R5 M330 as the dedicated card, it prefers the on-board R4 graphics which chugs massively when attempting gameplay.


The AMD Catalyst software itself is recognizing the card as a second R4, however within device manager and also SiSoftware Sandra it is listed as an R5.




Ok so first of all, I've tried the following methods within both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Firstly, I went through the usual steps, installing the drivers and software as recommended, when that failed........


I completely uninstalled the AMD Drivers+Software. I proceeded to disable Windows Defender & Firewall. I then reinstalled the AMD Drivers ONLY deselecting the software within the installer.


When that failed I repeated the process only this time installing via Device Manager, which failed.


I then uninstalled everything once again, this time I disabled the R4 within Device Manager and attempted to install drivers with the AMD installer, which automatically re-enabled the R4 Graphics and went through it's normal useless motions.


I've also attempted configuring the switchable graphics within the BIOS however there is no option for tweaking anything graphics related in there.


I've attempted tweaking every available option within the Catalyst software when installed correctly (supposedly) to no avail. Even when a game is configured to run "High Performance" within the Switchable Graphics UI, it still utilizes the damned R4 non dedicated.


Essentially I have an R5 M330 2GB dedicated card sitting there, looking pretty on paper and not much else.



Any information or help would be muchly appreciated. I've been in contact with Toshiba and AMD, and both seem to be scratching their heads without an idea on how to fix it. Honestly I'm sick of the back and maybe forth with AMD via email when they seem as bewildered as I am.


Thanks again fellow enthusiasts!!!