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C++ Source code not shown in CodeXL for x86

Question asked by ajitsdeshpande on Oct 14, 2015


I have created a project in CodeXL to carry out CPU Time profiling in CodeXL standalone. I am profiling a C++ code built on Windows platform which has a Intel x86 CPU.

I have set the source directory in the project settings. But when i run the profile and see the results, the 5 hotspot functions mention the the same top level C++

function which I have and not detail sub functions. Also When I view Source for that function, it opens assembly code, where as I was hoping to see C++ source code.

How does one get function level CPU time for C++ source code in CodeXL profiling?

Also does codeXL show C++ source code and related profiling data(hot spots, maximum time consuming code blocks within a function,..) for that code?