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Installed New Graphics Card (XFX R7 360) Now Computer is Freezing

Question asked by dmiles on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by dmiles

I upgraded from a Sapphire HD4xxx (4850 I think) to an XFX R7 360 a few weeks ago.  As the old card fan was making too much fan noise.  Both the old card and new card use the same driver download, Catalyst 15.7.1 which is installed.


One thing I noted was that I no longer see my motherboard BIOS startup screen.  The first video output is usually the Starting Windows graphical logo.  I can press F2 and wait and sometimes I get the motherboard BIOS screen.  But its very hit and miss, since I can not see the BIOS prompt for the exact moment to press it and they don't give you a long window to press.  There is also no beep from the motherboard to help keypress timing.  (I put the old HD4xxx back in and see the motherboard start-up POST screen, so the issue is acute to the new card being installed).  So yes text mode works but it appears to jump straight to an underscore white text-mode cursor on black screen, instead of displaying Intels motherboard intro screen(s).


The next thing I noticed (after installing the XFX and removing the Sapphire) is the Windows 7 logo on bootup would always get corrupted, this the graphical logo with "Starting Windows" and "(C) Microsoft Corporation" below it.  Often on bootup with the XFX it hangs completely at this point (I have experienced many hangs here).  That is the Capslock key no longer works to turn the light on/off and leaving the machine for 30 minutes does not advance matters any further so only a hard reset is possible.


I have a photo of the LCD with this corruption happening will try to attach after I finish composing this forum comment.  Notice the corruption around the windows logo like a circle and also the "warts" on the fonts, instead of crisp clean edges.  Note during the first part of bootup the screen looks perfect, note reinstalling the old HD4850 the screen looks perfect all the way to the login screen, it is only after some part of the bootup process does this corruption occur.  It can remain in that state for between 3 to 60 seconds by default.


Now this visual corruption maybe benign and just part of the card switching modes not getting things right.  But it doesn't look good as a consumer!



Now the machine was used and rebooted a number of times for updates, maintenance, etc.. and is usually left powered up, not in standby 24/7.  I have played a few non taxing games (Heroes of the Storm and other blizzard titles) without any major issues for at least a week.   I have seen the odd errors (whilst using windows desktop, do with graphics card recovery) often messing with displays, turning display on/off (have 2 display) and messing with audio configuration (as HDMI audio to LCD is my usual preference) can cause a hang and then an automatic reset.  So I think maybe there are also driver issues with HDMI audio and/or turning a 2nd display on/off, i.e. the experience is not seamless.


However the problem at this time the machine will not get past the corrupted screen with the XFX card installed.  I worked on it for 3 days (see other notice below on this period of time) until I retrieved the old HD4850 and put that back in then windows booted up just fine, did chkdsk.exe on all volumes etc...  So now I have a working system with HD4850 back in and the XFX on the shelf.



Now during the 3 days I also discovered that Windows setup/install does not work, also the Windows Recovery does not work.


So I have unplugged all the usual disks, except for a month old 500Gb SSD and put my original Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit install disk (retail boxed copy from Microsoft) in and am trying a fresh install of Windows 7.  The screen works should "Windows is Loading Files" in black/white and once that is done it switches to graphical mode, this never happens.  The system just freezes.


Now I get the same thing, as-if it is not possible to install a fresh retail copy of Win7 with the XFX card installed ?


I can only guess this Radeon model needs a BIOS update so the old compatibility / VESA mode / BIOS / text-mode stuff works consistently at reboot and with Windows 7 installation without the need for a full driver.




System: Intel Motherboard DX58SO (PCI-E v2.0), Intel E5540, 3 x 2Gb RAM Corsair.