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Here is a full guide on submitting results on for those who don't already know how! And for those who do- feel free to comment any suggestions or corrections.


Here it goes:


First off, a little background on The original site was formed back in 2005, as a school project for a forum that monitored forum threads and overclocking results. Since then, it has grown to be the single largest overclocking results database, and has some very notable overclockers and World Records on it.  For example, K|ngp|n, is the first #1 overclocker in 2006.


Next- the very basics of submitting to Hwbot. The site offers a way to compete with other overclockers from around the world in a variety of benchmarks, tests, and team competitions that show your skill as a PC speed demon! Or perhaps your skill at making your hardware run the best for what you need- and in either case Hwbot will let you manage the results you submitted. The basic idea of Hwbot is simple enough: create a fair way to measure overclocking results, across many platforms, with many types of tests and benchmarks. At the same time, it is a way to show off, compete, and be a part of a team using your PC and skills to achieve points, bragging rights, and perhaps even break a world record- all while having fun!


On to the walk throughs- First I will show how to run a CPU test, and submit the score on Hwbot with the proper screenshots:


  1. Make a account! Name it whatever you will, and customize away- and if you wanted you could also join the The specified item was not found.too!
  2. Go to the CPU Benchmarks page on Hwbot, and pick a benchmark to run. I will walk through how to use the Cinebench R11.5 test here, and the basic guidelines will be the same for the other CPU tests on Hwbot.
  3. Make sure you check which versions of Windows the benchmark can be used on, as W8/W10 has a bug that make some tests have errors or invalid scores.
  4. Download the benchmark from Hwbot or the linked download page.
  5. Have CPUz installed (or download it as well)- it will be used for verification later on.
  6. Now, install the Cinebench R11.5 benchmark. This is a fairly straightforward set-up, and is like the many other Windows installs out there.
  7. Next, open up the Cinebench app that you installed and run the CPU benchmark (which is circled in white in the picture below):cb example1.png
  8. Now, let the benchmark run its course and show a score.
  9. When finished, it should look something like this:cb example1.png
  10. The score is highlighted in white. But, you will need more than just this to submit a score to Hwbot! So you will need to find your install of CPUz, and open two tabs of it. One with the CPU tab, and one with the memory tab like this:

cb example1.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 8. Now, save your result by taking a screenshot of the result!

         9.  You now need to pull up and then click on the "Submit Result" button (and sign in to your Hwbot account, if you aren't already).

          10.  Now, you will see a page where you need to fill out your hardware specifications. Be very careful here, and make sure you fill out the CPU, Memory, Motherboard and GPU portions accurately. Perhaps the most common mistake in this page is to put, for example, 3.6 instead of 3600. The speed in in Mhz, so 3.6 Mhz is very slow! It is less difficult with the other parts of the form, as when you put 16 GB it will recognize that you mean 16 Gigabytes.

           11. Upload the screenshot you saved earlier, and hit submit! Now, as soon as the file is uploaded you will see how well you did in Hwbot. An example of what a successful submission looks like is here:


           12. Now you are finished, and can pick a new CPU benchmark to run if you want to!


(Also,sorry but I don't have many AMD/Radeon hardware to show example screenshots with so I'm using what I have on hand They will come, trust me as soon as I get my Radeon 5970 I'll redo some of the pics! )



      Next up: How to submit a GPU benchmark score, and to submit it to Hwbot with the proper screenshots:


  1. First, choose what benchmark you would like to run. I'll walk through how to submit with 3dmark03 here, but there are many others which can be found here on Hwbot.
  2. Make sure you have GPUz downloaded and installed, along with CPUz. These will be used later on to verify your hardware.
  3. Make sure you check which versions of Windows the benchmark can be used on, as W8/W10 has a bug that make some tests have errors or invalid scores.
  4. Now, install 3dmark06 (or your benchmark of choice)
  5. Then run the benchmark, and the score will show up like this:
  6. example3d.png
  7. Now, this is is an example of a full done screenshot with CPUz, and GPUz tabs open:
  8. 3d03k4.png
  9. Now save this screenshot to upload on Hwbot!
  10. And, following much the same steps that you did when submitting for CPU tests above, you go to and click on the "Submit Results" button.
  11. Now, find your benchmark and click on it. Then fill out what hardware you have in the assorted fields.
  12. Upload the screenshot you saved earlier, and then hit submit!
  13. Now you will see how well you did on Hwbot!


    Good luck on your overclocking Red Team!   If you have any questions, input, or need help- Feel free to let me, sgtbilko or rwgtroll know by commenting down below, or commenting in the The specified item was not found. thread!