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r9 390 nitro black screen if driver installed

Question asked by arbiter90350 on Oct 13, 2015



i have a problem with my new computer. i buy it without OS.


i have an sapphire r9 390 nitro tri-x 8gb graphic card with an 990FXA-ud3 (rev 4.0) with F3 bios (i have flash this bios) (the latest and compatible) and a FX-9590 4.7ghz proc.

my problem is that when i'm installing my screen is going black and than when i reboot ( if i don't reboot immediatly), i have a black screen when windows start. to "solve" this i have to go in safe mode and then uninstall the graphic card driver.


i tried to install 15.7.1 and the latest beta driver. i used display driver uninstaller, i  have also check and remove my graphic card in the computer. but i didn't see something strange. and nothing new is happening.


so i'm running out of solution and i need help to help me to resolve this



thank you a lot