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r9 290/ i5 4690K micro-lag

Question asked by rylux on Oct 13, 2015

Hi, I just build a new desktop computer with a i5 4960K and a  Sapphire Vapor-X R9 290, and every time I launch an application which uses my GPU, I have a micro-lag occuring every ~2sec, the fame freezes about half a second,and then it goes on for 2 others seconds.


I also noticed that Yesterday, after installing a bunch of soft (I downloaded MSI Live update, and installed all the drivers ), everything was running fine.


Can somone help me please?


Here's my accurate config :


Windows 7 Professional

MSI H97M-E35 Motherboard

Intel i5-4690K

Sapphire Vapor-X R9 290

2X8Go Gskill Trident X 1600Mhz