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Serious issue with a Lenovo g50-45 laptop.

Question asked by a1rwalker on Oct 13, 2015

Hello there!

Guys, recently I bought a second hand Lenovo g50-45 laptop. (15.6 inch Laptop PC | Lenovo G50-45 Laptop | Lenovo IL )

The machine is pretty descent thanks to the performance of the A6 CPU, but I am experiencing huge issues because of the GPU in the laptop.

It kees shutting down randomly becacuse of it - it's been two months of figuring different solulutions, a number of bad things (burnt down HDD, windows reinstalled twice).

I've recently noticed that whenever I put on the latest drivers for the Radeon R5 M230 GPU (the one which is supposed to be in the laptop) it starts crashing randomly.

This is a picture of the GPU-Z Radeon R5 M230 GPU : 

And here's a link of what I see in my laptop whenever I use the same program:

Now I am with the basic windows GPU drivers and it's not crashing at all.

Obviously this is the problem and I really need some assistance to fix the issue.

Afterall I bought this laptop so I can enjoy and play games on it with the descent GPU you guys are providing.

I am looking forward to any solutions you might get in mind except warranty of the product, since it's already out of it, sadly.


Best regards,