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Problem with my graphic card.

Question asked by smveee on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by smveee

Hello !


Im writing to you because I need your help ! I have a problem with my graphic card. This afternoon, after going back from my parents home, I turn on my computer, but the screen keep black with a error message : "no signal".


I tried everything but still nothing.  Some people told me to put off the RAM one after one but still nothing. Shut down the computer from anything about eletric and hold down the power button for some minute and still nothing. Remove the battery of the mother board and still nothing. But when I remove the  power plug from my graphic card (but its still on the motherboard) and connected with an VGA cable through my mother board, its working ! But everytime when I try to put on my graphic card its not working.


I have to say that the vetnilator of the graphic card are working.


Need help please ^^ Sorry for my bad english.