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MSI R7 370, 4 Monitors, Only 3 working

Question asked by kwaklad on Oct 13, 2015

I am trying to run 4 monitors on my MSI R7 370 with 4GB vram, Issue is it only seems to be allowing 3/4 monitors to be enabled at once. This suprises me since i was previously running an ASUS HD 7790 1GB with all the monitors running fine.


I have made sure that i have all the right drivers (not beta), and i have tried enabling the 4th monitor through windows built in methods and through CCC, however CCC asks me to disable a different monitor before i can use my 4th, which is contrary to what i want.


Is this an issue with the card, something I have done, or can you just not run 4 monitors from one card any more?


I am (and was) not trying to use eyefinity, I have only changed the graphics card, no other components. The old and new cards both use exactly the same connectors, and i have made sure that they are connected in exactly the same places, subsequently trying swapping over the 2 DVI ports.






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