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Can't install any kinda of Display AMD drivers, PC will just go inoperable 

Question asked by lishines on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by lishines

So recently I've had a problem with my graphic (Radeon HD7850 860M Core ED 2GB DDR5), it works just fine with the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter drivers but once I try to install AMD drivers in the middle of the instalation the monitor just goes black and after that if the driver is installed I have to enter in safe mode and unninstall it to be able to use the computer.


I've tried a lot of options, Clean install, tried to install all recent drivers to every component expect for display and then install the display one, even tried to make it work with a higher voltage power supply.


At this point I can only think that the graphic is broken, don't know what more to do or if I should ask for a local pc clinic to diagnose it ( and a reasonable ammount of money ).


Any suggestions?