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R9 290 Crossfire - Visual corruption

Question asked by cfuser on Oct 12, 2015

As the title states I'm experiencing visual corruption/ artifacting on screen, not dissimilar in look to an unstable overclock. Frame drops/ stuttering is about the same as it was before. Not expecting wonders in that department. Wish it was better but I'm more focused on this corruption problem. I've updated to the latest drivers but still in crossfire I'm experiencing this artifacting. Really disheartening, was hoping the new drivers would let me boot up Hearts Of Stone without any major issues.


This does not occur when running a single card.


I noticed in beta notes it mentioned that AMD had fixed visual corruption issues? Hmmm



Running on Windows 10 - AMD Beta drivers 15.9.1


Edit: Did some testing/ with the suggestion of witcher tech support I changed some crossfire profiles. Seems as if the default one from AMD is bugged in some way which allows screen artifacting. It has the best performance out of all the profiles though, so I will continue to use it. The artifacting is infrequent enough for me to get on with the expansion.


Currently Testing: Seems VSync might be causing some of the problems. Might be linked to frame pacing. Yet to see corruption with VSync disabled. Might just be luck though. Will report back soonish


Verdict: Seems VSync was causing the problems. Disabling = No more artifacts

Not sure what's going on with that, could also have something to do with Frame pacing - Unsure