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Blue screen with lines after updating AMD 280X to latest driver

Question asked by apolyon6 on Oct 12, 2015



I hope somebody can help me with this issue as I'm really struggling. I have been running the latest AMD driver for the 280X since it was released with no issues. I was experiencing some low FPS in the new Star Wars beta, so I updated to the beta driver as this has improvements to performance within this game. After uninstalling my previous driver then upgrading, I followed the restart prompt only to find that when the login screen completed, I had a blue/black screen with vertical lines. This did not clear (left overnight) so I booted into safe mode, uninstalled the driver, performed a clean uninstall (i.e. using the AMD uninstaller, cleaning up registry etc) and re-installed the "stable" driver from before. However, when finishing the restart I had the same issue.


I have so far tried everything I can find on google to rectify this, from performing windows updates, installing directly through "update driver" in the device manager, rolling back to 14.12 etc. I am always faced with this issue of the strange screen with vertical lines.


I don't believe this to be a card problem as it has been rock-steady since the initial purchase in early 2014. Any advice I can see seems to refer to Windows 8 onwards.


My PC specs and config are as follows:


Intel i5 4670K


ASUS R9280X DCUII (1st version)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit).


Really hope someone can help with this as I am at the end of my tether and looking at buying a new card. Seems stupid as it works fine but this software issue is driving me nuts.