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Gigabyte R9 270 software problems

Question asked by pietpaashaas on Oct 12, 2015

Hello i recieved my second R9 270 a few weeks ago. Right from he start i had problems after installing Catalyst Omega 15.4 beta. I got artifacts when booting up and after the 'Starting Windows' screen the monitor would go blank almost like there was no output but there was. I then needed to hold the power button on my pc and so a hard reboot and then the pc boots with no artifacts and gets into windows...


After succesfully booting up, I then try running a game but about 2 seconds after launching i would get a Grey screen with darker vertical lines all over the screen.


I then went and used DDU to unistall the drivers and installed 15.7. Had the same problems as 15.4. Uninstalled again and tried 14.5. Same frustrating problem....


I then done some research and installed 13.12 which seemed to be stable... it would give me a bsod twice a day... i almost sent the card back but i then took it out of my pc and removed the fan and checked the thermal paste and everything was fine. Slotted it back into the pc and since then everything have been working fine for 5 weeks.


Now the thing that i would like to know is, is it safe to install later drivers? im scared that the bsods are gna start again


Is this a hardware problem since its been running games like FC4, Witcher 3 and BF4 using the 13.12 drivers. I can see a bit of a performance drop after switching to 13.12. During the 1st week of having the card it worked great on the 15.4 drivers but that alllllll the stuff above happened. Its a really nic card when its working... it is working pretty well on the 13.12 drivers, but im a FPS (Frame/s) freak and i dont enjoy when games dont run like they are supposed to.


I am not really up to sending this card back too since it costs me money to get it there and back.