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Display drops to a blank screen

Question asked by lbusters on Oct 12, 2015

I am using Firepro V4800 with Windows 7 64bit.

I bought the Firepro to replace a built-in video function, and I am sure that I installed the most recent video driver. I even removed other video driver existed previously.


The problem is that a display suddenly drops to a blank screen.

A LED indicator on my monitor went from blue to yellow, and a LED indicator on my keyboard was off. However, a power indicator on my desktop was still on, and all indicators on my mother board were still on.


In addition, I could not turn on my system right after the issue. I should try to reset my system several times. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes I should wait for several minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no apparent condition to this problem. This occured during surfing the Internet with FireFox or selecting files with built-in windows explorer. And this does not occur during playing games.

Therefore, I removed my Firepro V4800 from my system, then this has not happend until now.


Please I need your help.