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15.20.1062.1004 hotfix causes PERMANENT BLACK SCREEN on windows 10

Question asked by reuel.lawrence on Oct 12, 2015

Laptop: HP ProBook 4740s

Discreet Graphics: AMD HD7000M series

OS: Windows 10 x64


Last week Windows upgraded my graphics driver to the latest version released by AMD (08/10/2015), and after a brief message to say that an update had been installed my screen went black. After several forced shutdowns and restarts the same result persists - Windows boots, but instead of the login screen I get a plain black screen with a mouse cursor that I can playfully move around. I've left the laptop running overnight with no results.


I am able to run Windows in safe mode. I'm able to boot up normally by disabling the AMD driver, but am forced to run with extremely limited graphics capabilities. This is an unacceptable situation. I am unable to roll back the driver, so where can I download an older version??