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why is the a10-7300 lower performing than my previous a10-4600 apu?

Question asked by j1greene on Oct 11, 2015
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I just bought a Dell Inspiron 5545-slv2500 because it comes with an AMD A10-7300 APU with built in Radeon R6 GPU and I have been a fan of AMD processors since the 80486.  I had a Lenovo Ideapad z585 with an A10-4600m with I believe Radeon HD7660G graphics, but it had begun overheating.  The new APU has been Passmark tested to a score of approximately 3003, but the 4600 had a score of 3119 on  This does not make any sense that a newer processor would be outperformed by a processor that is older.   There is a noticeable lag in performance on the games that I play from The Bard's Tale, to Skyrim to Mass Effect.  Does anyone have any suggestions?