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ETA on the dx11 issues fix with the r9 3xx series?

Question asked by martinosanchez1 on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by kurtferro79

This issue that makes the display driver stop and recover has been going on for too long.
It even happens on my r9 390 XFX when I have everything closed, no overlay (raptor software uninstalled)


I have tried all sort of fixes:
-All driver versions that are supposed to work with R9 3xx cards, clean installations each time.
-Disable hardware aceleration everywhere its possible to.

-Playing with graphic options in the DX11 clients that crash.

-Play with the screen modes (windowed or fullscreen, etc.)

-You know the drill...

This was my first AMD Card and it will be My last if this problem is not fixed soon.
I cannot even get a refund for it because its a problem with drivers and XFX warranty does not include driver problems.


Example of DX11 clients that were tested a lot and that crash no matter what:

Star Wars BattleFront,

Unreal Tournament Alpha,



Can anyone from AMD say anything? This issue has been in the dark for way too long.