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lm having performance issues with assassins creed, first l install it and works ok but today was like frame by frame and even it left the system with bad performance issues as well

Question asked by hardmode on Oct 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by hardmode

l was palying AC Unity, and l know about all the issues it has, so l didnt spect to work fine, but this time its something worst. Even after instalation with the system over used worked nice but today it was completely diferent , last so much longer to load, and when it does l cant even walk without 5 to 10 sec of freezing image and also his hair makes no sense when this occurs, really, like if 3 diferents hairstyle (to say it some way) l think its maybe realted to the grafics aspect. lm not asking for a solution l think that is too much to ask but please work on that. the next time