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    My fps ingame is lower than it used to be; AMD acting weird


      Hello there,

      So lately I formatted my laptop and then downloaded and installed all the required drivers. Yet, whenever I try to install/upgrade the amd driver, suddenly it doesn't work anymore (screen brightness on HIGH and cannot be changed) and within the Device Manager it shows an exclamation mark on the newly updated driver. I shall attach a txt for the dxdiag for more information in case anything or any of the drivers are wrong.


      Thank you for the help

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          Hi Dana Natout,


          Please ensure Windows 7 is fully up to date, including download and installing all available recommended and non-critical updates, including all available Microsoft Net Framework updates. These are required for the Catalyst Control Center to function correctly.


          Once the OS is fully up to date, please make sure you are running the latest Intel Graphics Drivers.


          Please download and install the latest AMD Graphics Driver from your laptop manufacturer.


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