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    Can't open the catalyst engine


      Hi, I wanted to play the Star Wars battlefront Beta, but when I launched it, it said that I needed a newer driver. So I went ahead and downloaded the new driver but when I tried to install it it gives me this error roughly translated:
      Can not open the Catalyst engine U have to install Install Manager
      Make sure there are no other copys of Catalyst Install Manager active.

      So I could not find any download for the Install Manager, but I have installed drivers before and never had this error. So it's a bit weird. Does anybody know how to fix this?

      Thanks in advance!



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          I will assume this is a DESKTOP computer and you are NOT running Windows 10.


          1. Using steps 1-5 , manually select your graphics drivers HERE and download/save to your desktop. Do not use automatic find and install.



          2. Remove old drivers using 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel****



              Note: Disable all anti-virus/ anti-malware/ anti-anything while performing the installation. Very important.









          Select AMD Catalyst Install manager and EXPRESS uninstall all AMD software including the install manager. Reboot. Install the new driver suite. Reboot.









          Select AMD Catalyst Install manager and selectively uninstall the graphics drivers and CCC only. Reboot. Install the new driver suite. Reboot.






          Please note that if you choose "Express Install" the new drivers, it will automatically install the 'Gaming Evolved' (raptr) app in addition to the drivers. If you do not wish to have raptr on your computer, choose 'Custom' install the new drivers and uncheck the box next to 'Gaming Evolved'.






          This is a proven installation method that will work 99% of the time for everybody. However, there is the 1% who will need to use the 'Clean' install method. Use this if you run into issues.

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