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AMD Switchable Graphics Compatibility with Premiere Mercury Playback Engine

Question asked by bruce55 on Oct 11, 2015

Hello, I'm using Windows 10 10547 with AMD driver version 15.201.1151-150821a-188451E and Intel driver version My laptop has Intel HD4600 and AMD R9 M265x GPU. I'm currently having issues with Premiere Mercury Playback Engine. Premiere is locked to use the power saving option and I set the Premiere GPU sniffer to power saving in order to match the option (or it will crash on start). However, when I open any project that uses the Mercury Playback Engine, it pops up a windows saying that I can only use the software renderer. However if I disable AMD graphics in device manager, it works like a charm. It's very annoying to disable AMD graphics every time and turn it back on after the software launched and I have to reboot my laptop to let CCC work properly again or it won't recognize my GPU. My Premiere version is 2015.0.2 and this issue has been around for more than half a year.