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7990 waterblock?

Question asked by stylus on Oct 10, 2015

I'll have you know the XSPC 7990 water block used at Amazon (100)

is admitted by seller not to really be XSPC 7990 water block.

I saw it before briefly on E-bay also but it vanished before I reported it.

It pictures as XSPC and it shows in Amazon search as XSPC but it reads

as something else with no returns.


That leaves again no source of such water blocks.

However Amazon does show AMD s10000 6GB for sale (about 4500).

The 12GB is an expensive enough card at that.

I find using used s10000 6GB ECC affordable compared to the ECC competition.

The water blocks are essential to the configuration.

They reduce the s10000 to single slot as well as augment the chilling capability.

The vacated slot can contain a small blower in addition to the liquid circuit.

AMD had a competitor for Quadro 6000 ECC and 4-way SLI as long as there were water blocks.

The fellow I bought the  XFX 3D 7990/EK-FCS10000 pair from apparently had such a notion also.


More s10000 compatible water blocks if you please.