Upgrade help from radeon 5700 to a10-7850k apu

Discussion created by scottpatlin on Oct 10, 2015

My PC is the most out of date of the four in my house, and I'm considering updating it.  The PC I built for my wife uses the A10-7850k APU technology in lieu of a video card and it seems to work great.  However, I'm wondering what to do with the Radeon HD 5700 video card in the old PC.  Should I:


1) Discard it in favor of the APU, because it is obsolete, or

2) Use it instead of the APU and maybe consider a non-apu chip, or

3) Crossfire the two together? (If this is even possible.)


I've read that crossfire is only worth doing with cards of similar speed, but I'm not clear on how the two technologies compare.


Thanks for any suggestions,