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Question asked by hunter- on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by hunter-

Cheers to AMD company.i have 1 dilemma.I don t understand why a big concern like AMD don t have yet HDMI 2.0 implemented on their graphic card.Even on R9 fury X,hdmi 2.0 is not present.Im sorry to say this but is a shame ,because today are many many dispositives with hdmi 2.0.I know AMD suggest DP,but are less display with DP and very expansive.For example a tv Samsung 40 inch with 4k/60p are half price like a Philips monitor with same diagonal with DP,and I think many people buy a less expansive dispositives.

I am not a fan boy but +1 GeForce company for hdmi 2.0 implemented on their video card.Hdmi ver 1.4 with 4k/30p is a shame srry

So AMD if u bothered to read this,please at least implement hdmi 2.0 on next gen card.Is sad because  AMD gpu are strong,but at this point with hdmi 2.0 is LOOSING terrain

Sincerely Hunter-,