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Configure Switchable Graphics won't open on my Laptop.

Question asked by keeperoftheday on Oct 10, 2015

So after I updated my Laptop to Windows 10, the Catalyst Control Center won't open up. I see the option in my desktop drop down menu, and my laptop also detects both my graphics cards. I also know that graphics cards are working because all the high end games like Witcher 3 and Mad Max work fine. But its still a problem because I can't access the app. When I click on it, the mouse pointer just processes for a bit and then stops, nothing happens. I thought maybe its just a problem with windows and it will be fixed after a few updates or something but there's nothing yet.


I have a Radeon HD 8730M and I'm currently using Driver v15.7.1. I tried installing the beta version and also tried downgrading to previous versions but nothing works. CCC just won't open. Any suggestions?