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AMD Radeon 6650M problems Win7

Question asked by vyanor on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by vyanor

Hello everyone!


This is my first Forum post because so far i could solve all problems by answers I found on other posts.. so don't be too harsh if there is a solution for my issue because i didn't find it




Okay... my problem is, that for some time already my build in AMD card has stopped working.

Now after some playing around I see the card in the device manager and in speccy, but I still can't use it.

Furthermore i have been to this stage already and was even able to use the card, but as soon as i started e.g. Skyrim using the AMD card the system shut down after a few seconds.

So I tried deinstalling the driver and starting again, now with (i think) the same driver installed again, I can't even select the AMD card for Skyrim anymore.


Also i get a system freeze (like 1 minute) every time after booting, without error message or similar.



I tried several (like 10) driver installations, different settings, etc.

Crawled through really a lot of posts i found on google and tried many different solutions but nothing seems to work for me.


Current installed driver (from manufacturer page) is: amd-catalyst-15.7.1-with-dotnet45-win7-64bit

It's a Lenovo G770 Laptop and i didn't use it too frequently but i remember some 2 years ago it was set up with win7 as well and was working fine.

Here is a snip from my Speccy results to give a general overview of my system.



So.. i hope someone can help me with this problem to get it running again or at least to get to know if its broken or whatever is wrong
I still hope i can fix it, even tho i try it since about half a year from time to time.



If there is any information missing please tell me and i will include it as soon as possible.




Best regards