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Unable to update driver from HD6400 to HD6450, as previously

Question asked by famtheguy on Oct 10, 2015
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Recently I've noticed poor framerate in video games, as well as a black screen and crash (resulting in a pop-up reading "AMD Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered", when attempting to save the game in "Cities: Skylines"). I tried to download latest drivers from the AMD Download Drivers page, using the Auto-detect tool and Catalyst; as well as using beta drivers, but the issues still remained. Then I tried to update the driver by going in Windows 7's "Device manager", resulting in my HD6400 driver showing up as HD6450. I assumed this was an error on Windows' part, but upon playing the games I previously had issues with, they ran with seemingly better framerate, and my previous issues with crashes were resolved. However, the 6450 driver still showed up as being from 2011, so when I tried to update it to a more recent version using Catalyst, the driver reverted to 6400 - and my previous issues with the driver came back. I've since then tried to uninstall the driver using Device Manager and the AMD "Clean up utility", and install the new 6400 driver to attempt to update it through Device Manager again, but Windows and Catalyst both state that my 6400 driver is "up to date". Is there any way to run my computer with the 6450 drivers, or did I simply experience some very unusual error?