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15.9.1b Driver Crash - R9 390x, Windows 10 x64 Pro

Question asked by crenando on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by crenando

I bought a 390x (XFX Double Dissipation) on launch day to replace my now-broken 290x. Everything was going great until I switched over to Windows 10 (x64, Professional). Ever since then I've been getting messages in intensive games such as GTA V or the Star Wars Battlefront Beta claiming that "the display driver has crashed and recovered," or something along the lines, while my game freezes. I saw online that a number of users reported that 15.9.1b solved this problem, but this isn't the case for me.




This is obviously incredibly frustrating for someone who spent as much as I did on their graphics card. It isn't even necessarily the fault of AMD since I'm seeing a lot of Nvidia users with similar issues. Any help is very welcome.

Thanks in advance.