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8970m Problem that cant seem to be fixed

Question asked by redfenix117 on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by t77chevy

So, I have and Alienware m17x r4 (2012), it came with windows 7 64bit, 6gb ram, Amd Radeon HD 7970m 2gb, intel i7-3610qm. At the time my issue started I was playing Guild Wars 2 and suddenly my graphics just went insane, pixel lines, black screens, the works. I disabled the dedicated card (amd card) and ran on the intel HD4000 that is built in and everything was fine so I figured after three years the dedicated card wanted out.

Now inb4 the "why the heck did you pay for an AW you can build a better comp cheaper" two things:

  • 1. Because reasons
  • 2. one of those being that yes you can remove the GPU from this laptop and install another one, so pls spare me the "you just need a new laptop, you cant change gpus"

So I bought an AMD Radeon R9 m290x also named the Radeon HD 8970m 4gb. It took me about a month or more to get around to buying the card and in the mean time I upgraded to windows 10. When I finally got the card, I used DDU to remove the old drivers and prep for new hardware. Repasted everything, dusted everything popped it and installed the windows stock drivers then updated to the lastest one using the auto update in the Catalyst Control Center.Everything was great for all of two seconds, then I started getting errors that the Amd driver crashed and recovered. In games like skyrim there were textures stretching all over the place, Heroes of the storm would flicker with strange pixel lines similar however different from the last card then give the driver crash error.I have done the following in attempts to fix:

  • reseated the card
  • cleaned and reinstalled drivers
  • rolled back to windows 7
  • rolled back to windows 7 and rolled back to driver that worked on my previous card
  • updated my bios for A12 to A13
  • cried
  • clean installed windows 7 and old working gpu drivers
  • clean installed windows 10 and newest Amd drivers
  • disabled the card and left it alone for fear of shooting my laptop with a .45

As of right now I turn the card on and check for windows and amd updates to see if anything fixes it but so far no luck.

Also my fans dont seem to be turning up when needed either. I can turn on gpuz or something like that and the temps on the gpu and the cpu are registering however when the card starts to get really hot the fans dont turn up to compensate for the heat. So for now Im just using HWinFO64 to manually turn the fans up when I play anything.

I know its been a long read thank you for you time if you are still here. If you have any ideas please feel free to shoot them at me, I may have forgotten to mention something idk. Thank you again.