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Playstation 4 and NVIDIA 3D VISION (3D Active)

Question asked by zouheir on Oct 10, 2015

I have a ACER gaming monitor (24" 1080p, 1MS response time, 144 hz refresh rate) that is 3D ready. My question is will I be able to use the 3D Vision 2 glasses with a ps3 or ps4 to watch 3d bluray movies when either machine is connected to the 3D ready monitor?



The ps4 can do 3d bluray movies right now (3D gaming might come with future updates) so the hardware already is 3D capable as you need a 3D capable input, a 3D output and a means to make the 3D visible via a infrared transmitter which I believe comes with the 3D Vision glasses.



On the box of the 3D Vision glasses it says you need 3 things: Nvidia 3D ready display, Nvidia GeForce/QUADRO GPU, Windows Vista/7. On the back of the box it also says "Experience 500+ 3D bluray movies". I'm thinking why should they limit you to use only a pc for watching 3d bluray movies and not 3d bluray players like ps3/ps4? I really hope there is no catch here.



Other thing, PS4 have already USB Port so we can connect 3D vision adapter to PS4, Update firmwork of PS4 that he can turn on this Adapter then use the 3D vision glasses.



Despite the ps4 having a AMD Radeon GPU and not running Windows OS would it still be able to output 3d bluray movies via my 3d ready monitor with the Nvidia 3D Vision glasses?



If someone who had first hand experience trying this or who can confirm this it would help a lot and would be greatly appreciated! I already bought the Nvidia 3D Vision kit but don't want to open the box before I can get a confirmation if it will work with either ps3 or ps4. Thanks