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Windows 10 graphics driver problem ( I tried a lot of stuff)

Question asked by sanad92 on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by kingfish

Hii, This my laptop's model HP Pavilion dv6-6000se Entertainment Notebook PC,
It has switchable graphics. Raedon4200 and Raedon 6600, I read that the R4200 won't be supported anymore and I didn't mind,
So, I had trouble with brightness, it wasn't working and games were slow, I tried installing the latest driver software from the AMD page which was the 15.7.1 I guess?, still didn't work. I read that I should get the 15.6 beta one, I installed it and it didn't work either then I went over the hp support page here and got that and it somehow worked, brightness was fine, games I played didn't slow down or anything.


But then 2 days ago, Windows 10 decided to automatically update the graphics driver, and I got the "The current AMD graphics card is not supported" or something and I lost the Sleep button, so I went and tried removing the drivers again using some driver removal software called DDU, and now when I install any of the old drivers(The HP one, the 15.6 beta one or the 15.7.1) I get the brightness working alright but in the Device Manager it's detecting the adapters as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapters"  and the games are slow.

P.S: When I install the 15.9 beta, they get detected in the Device Manager list but I get the "The current AMD graphics card is not supported" and no brightness/slowgames/nosleep button.


Hope you can help, thanks in advance.