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    The choice of display adapter


      I have a Intel HD 4000 graphics and and HD 7670m 1 GB gddr3. I just bought two new games Pes 16 and Just Cause 2. Now when I benchmark them I found out that both of them were using Intel HD 4000 graphics instead of HD 7670m . thus here's my question. Why is this happening? And how to correct it?

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          you have your monitor plugged to the 7670 ?It should disable the onboard graphics if you do .If not,go into the bios and disable the onboard graphics .

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            charles4691 The 7670m is a mobile GPU, so I'm thinking he has a Laptop with hybrid graphics.


            rishabhj If my assumption that you have a laptop with hybrid graphics is correct you'll need to look up the correct way to switch them in your manual or do a search online. If you've switched to the 7670m and still having this issue then are the benchmark results similar? If not I'd suggest the benchmark is just reporting the first GPU it finds and not the one that's actually in use.

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