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video card loses resolution overnight

Question asked by funkytut on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by black_zion

My Radeon 7700 card had an issue from day one which was mostly manageable.  Under Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, I would infrequently be unable to wake my monitor without unplugging the video cable and plugging it back in again.  It didn't matter if I was using Displayport or DVI.  This happened with a Samsung monitor and later with a new Dell monitor.


When I upgraded to Windows 10, the behavior changed. 

I leave my machine running most of the time and allow the monitor to sleep. 

Every morning when I get up, the monitor is no longer unresponsive, but the screen resolution has been reduced to the minimum setting.  When I log in, trying to change the resolution is not possible because there are no other settings listed.  Whether I log in or not, the fix (workaround) has been to unplug the Displayport cable and plug it back in.  This works every time, but I still get what I call the icon crunch. All my work to arrange desktop icons is undone as the resolution change caused everything to be rearranged, even if I don't log in before resetting.  My normal setting is 1920*1200, but what I find every morning is 800*600. 


This does not seem to be related to number of hours away from machine because I'm at work longer that the amount of time I sleep.  The display is fine when I get home from work, but not when I awake.


I have upgraded the drivers to the latest version with no change in behavior.

I turned off the monitor's power save features.

I am currently playing with the computer's power save features, trying to see if letting the computer sleep will help to reset properly.

Any other suggestions?