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graphic driver update ruined (almost)everything somehow. ):

Question asked by savagezombie98 on Oct 8, 2015

Hi, so Star Wars Battlefront Beta came out today, and in order to play the game i needed to update my graphic drivers, so i went to , went to the latest driver update available for windows 7 64 bit, downloaded and installed it. everything seemed just fine until i tried playing the game. when it loaded up i was getting such massive lag and delayed response time that i closed out of it. I just thought it was the game at first then i tried playing another game, after every attempt to play the next game, my computer would load it up and blue screen when getting to the character selection. That's when i knew something was wrong, considering I'v never once in my life(before this occasion) gotten a blue screen of death. So i tried a bunch of things, restoring system to another point before the update, which then failed for some reason and wouldn't let me do so, iv uninstalled the driver, thinking something might have just gone wrong with the installation, then reinstalling it, thus to no avail once again. The only thing that changed was the whole blue screen. it stopped blue screening and instead my monitor(s) would just flicker on and off. I tried playing a game that didn't require as much as a graphic need and still, nothing changed, the monitor would flicker on and off and i am unable to play a single thing. i would appreciate some suggestions and help. Thanks in advanced, if you need any more info to help out, don't hesitate to ask.