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Resolution/Refresh on Third Monitor Changing

Question asked by herboren on Oct 8, 2015

Well unlike the issue I had with Hydravision, I am now having an issue where the refresh and resolution keep changing on my 3rd monitor. At times I could go 2-3 months without this occurrence, but now it has become bothersome. I have 3x Acer P6 P246HLAbd Black 24" LED Monitor -'s.


Connection used are an HDMI cable, a DVI digital and DVI Analog. It appears that the analog cable likes to switch between refresh rates and resolutions supported by that refresh when ever it deems. So there will be times I am running 1920*1080 on all three (3) monitors, but when I open display properties in Windows or AMD CCC, it will change the refresh and its resolution, producing this image here: on my third monitor.  It will stay this way for 2-3 days. But then on the 4th day, I can be working on my system for an hour, when I re-open display properties or AMD CCC again, it will change back to 1920*1080 on my third monitor and everything will be OK.


It is becoming an encumbrance, especially after installing a fresh driver, as seen on my HydraVision post, which was very recent (2 days ago.) I have also tried older drivers, but I can still replicate the issue. I have tried adjusting the refresh inside the AMD CCC Properties, I change the hertz to 60 and the resolution is automatically adjusted to 1600*1200. It will give me and option for 1920*1080, however, changing to 1920*1080 sets the refresh in 29i which then causes my screen to bug out, in a sense the image appears fine, but titles and text flicker repetitively, which is really bad on the eyes. I can't find solutions on other forums and I am tired of reinstalling chip-set drivers and display drivers.


So I uninstalled and reinstalled the BETA drivers found here: AMD Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Driver for Windows and the problem still occurs. Here is a screenshot of my monitors functioning as intended on Hitman Absolution NSFW, Sorry only image I had